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PPC Marketing Services

PPC Marketing Ltd provides the following online marketing services:

Pay Per Click Campaign Management:

Our comprehensive PPC campaign management package includes a wide range of services including competitor and keyword research and analysis, pay-per-click account setup, ad copy generation and optimisation, bid management and tracking and reporting.

Keyword & Phrase Research

It's vital to be bidding on the right keywords and phrases. That means the terms your potential customers are actually looking for. Our keyword research and analysis service identifies the best terms to bid on, meaning your ads are targeted to bring the best ROI.

Competitor Analysis

On the web you're never operating in a vacuum. Your site is competing for the attention of customers with businesses from all over the world. Nowhere is this competition more acute than in pay-per-click advertising, since you're bidding for the same ad positions they are. We study what your competitors are doing in order to out-perform them and implement the best bidding strategies for your niche or sector, and focus on ad quality scores to make your bids more efficient.

Pay-Per-Click Account Setup

We can take all the hassle out of setting up a new pay per click account for you. Getting the most out of a new account is a complex process and its easy to make costly mistakes. We have the experience to build a solid campaign from the ground up in such a way as to give detailed control over every aspect, making the ongoing campaign optimisation much easier and improving ROI. Alternatively, if you already have a PPC account we can take it over for you, and there will likely be some pretty big changes we make to it.

Ad Copy Writing

We write compelling, targeted ads in order to hook in the right customers. Great ad copy (known as 'creative' within the industry) includes a simple, clear message and a call to action, which can be a real challenge in the limited space of a typical PPC ad. We have the creativity and skill to do this. We can also create multiple ads for the same terms, in order to test which are most effective in order to bring you the best return on investment.

Bid Management

We monitor your PPC campaign daily, in order to manage your budget most effectively. We identify which ads are performing best, which need to bid higher, and which bids need to be reduced.

Tracking and Reporting

You need to know how effective your ad spend is. With pay per click marketing this is much easier than many other forms of advertising due to the in-built tracking and reporting mechanisms. We provide regular performance reports so you can keep track of your return on ad spend. If you prefer a more hands on approach, you will have full access to your account so that you monitor the performance for yourself.

Additional Services:

In addition to our PPC campaign management package we offer the following services, which are typically charged for on a case by case basis depending on the workload involved:

Landing Page Creation & Optimisation

We can deliver the clicks to your site, but if the content of the website isn't attractive enough those visitors will not convert into sales. We can create or optimise the landing pages on your web site to improve conversion rates. This may involve rewriting content, adding calls-to-action or even creating whole new pages targeted to specific ads.


Industry Specialisations:

In addition to our extensive experience in all forms of commercial online activity we have experts who are particularly experienced in PPC Marketing for the following industries:

  • All aspects of retailing
  • Accounting and legal professions
  • Plant and crane hire
  • Trading of chemicals and minerals
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Event management and leisure
  • Consumer and industrial electronics

For these verticals our staff have a good working understanding of the industry and profession, and of marketing thereto.


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