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PPC Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is PPC marketing?
  2. What are the benefits of PPC marketing?
  3. Is PPC marketing the same as search engine optimisation?
  4. What PPC marketing options are available?
  5. What kind of ads are available?
  6. Where will my PPC ads appear?
  7. What are the costs involved in PPC marketing?
  8. Will I be locked into a long term management contract?

What is PPC marketing?

Paid Search Marketing Information

PPC stands for pay-per-click and refers to adverts displayed on web sites or alongside search engine results. Rather than pay a fee to display the advert, the advertiser pays only when a user clicks on the advert to visit their site. This makes it a very cost-effective form of advertising, since you are only paying for leads.


What are the benefits of PPC marketing?

The biggest advantage of pay-per-click ads when compared with other forms of online advertising is cost effectiveness. Unlike traditional banner ads, which are typically paid for on a 'cost per thousand impressions' (CPM) basis, you only pay for PPC ads when somebody clicks on it to visit your web site. That means you're not paying to display your ad – you're paying for a qualified lead! That person has shown enough interest in your product or service that they choose to visit your site. The second major advantage is measurability. It's easy to track which ads lead to clicks, and which ads lead to sales or conversions, allowing us to constantly optimise the campaign in order to maximise return on investment (ROI).


Is PPC marketing the same as search engine optimisation?

No. PPC marketing is a form of search engine marketing (SEM), but it is not the same as search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO deals with improving a site's performance in the organic or natural search results on search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN, through a combination of techniques such as keyword optimisation and link building. SEM can be said to encompass both SEO and PPC. We have a sister company which provides search engine optimisation services.


What PPC marketing options are available?

The 3 major search engines each offer a pay per click advertising solution: Google AdWords, MSN AdCenter and Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly Overture). In addition there are a number of third party pay per click advertising providers such as MIVA. Our focus is primarily on Google AdWords as it has the largest market share and widest reach, although we can work with other systems based on your requirements.


What kind of PPC ads are available?

Most pay per click ads are simple text adverts, but Google also provides PPC image ads as well as local business ads and special mobile phone ads.


Where will my PPC ads appear?

This will depend on which pay-per-click advertising providers you choose to use. For example, Google has two ways of displaying its adverts, the search network and the content network. Search network ads are displayed alongside (and sometimes above) the natural search results when a user types a relevant query into Google or one of its search partners (other search engines who use a Google feed to display ads) and are typically labelled as 'Sponsored Links' or something similar. The content network is comprised of other websites which have signed up to display Google ads through its AdSense programme in order to earn commission on clicks. These are typically labelled as 'Ads by Google'.


What are the costs involved in PPC marketing?

In a PPC advertising campaign you pay a fee every time a user clicks on an advert you have placed and visits your site. The various PPC providers each use some sort of auction system to determine how much to charge based on a number of factors such as the amount of competition, the quality of your ads and landing pages and so on. Some clicks in niche sectors without much competition may be as little as a few pence, while in more competitive, high value sectors such as mortgages, prices per click of several pounds are not uncommon. PPC marketing agencies typically charge a management fee based on the ad budget.


Will I be locked into a long term management contract?

Not at all. Our service is provided on a month by month basis, with no minimum contract term. We just ask that you give us a month's notice if you wish to cancel.


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